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Life goes on… so stay grounded amidst life’s never ending confrontations and achievements. A way of living that has echoed in Jaimo’s ear since the beginning. With a respected reputation as one of Northern California’s most respected underground MC’s in both hip hop and reggae, Jaimo has been awakened by the new school, mobile, internet, globalized manner of being a musician.  He is a charismatic tidal wave of sound! With his music now available worldwide from Japan to Australia, conscious skaters, punk rockers, snowboarders, and surfers, as well as, the music listening masses are listening to his music with open ears and open minds. With an appreciation for sustainable living and progressive thinking via hip hop, reggae, soul, and rock n roll he is a breath of fresh air to music. While most consider music a form of entertainment, Jaimo views it not only as a way of self expression and entertainment, but also, as a way to ignite and inspire the masses into voicing their opinions, moving as a whole, and appreciating what is given to us by the earth. 

Well traveled in a geographical and lifestyle sense, his lifelong passion for music was nurtured by changing trains in Jamaica queens NYC at age nine to watching  breakdancers in down town Los Angeles in the eighties, combined with working at “Escape from New York Pizza” on Haight St. in San Francisco for two summers as a teenager has given him a deep sense of city life.  Balanced by growing up (and currently still spending considerable time in the mountains of  Northern California’ s “Green Triangle” has given Jaimo his unique outlook  on American politics, environmentalism, and pop culture. Taught by his father Jimmy Hodder (original drummer for Steely Dan) to hold your head high thru life’s trials and to respect all people and all religions!  

“I know music can bring us all together and our differences are what keep life interesting and beautiful!” says Jaimo of humanities uniqueness.

Having played shows with such groups as the Marleys, Long Beach Dub All Stars,  Bone Thugs and Harmony, Mix Master Mike, Swollen Members, and the Black Eyed Peas he has garnered respect and experience from the kids to the artists. An act few artists attain. In conjunction with North Coast Underground and as an active member, he continues to bring the Northern California music experience to the world from the beaches to the mountains. As an accomplished surfer, snowboarder, and outdoor enthusiast, his music has been licensed in countless action sport films, as well as, performing at events from the pro wakeboard tour to X Games and the U.S. Open of Surfing. It is Jaimo’s passion for life, music, art, and all things creative that allow him to maintain a level of happiness and creativity that few reach. We hope you will agree and join us for the ride.