If you're "IN" you're on the street.

Nothing carries more weight than the tangibility of what we are trying to sell. As a consumer we like to touch, taste, hear, and feel the product in question. This is the infrastructure of street marketing, a.k.a. guerilla marketing, sampling, or hand to hand distribution they are all virtually the same thing (don’t be confused by the marketing jargon).  The best thing about street marketing is the ability to go direct to the consumer and give that tangibility to what we are promoting. If you can feel it, you will buy it. Street marketing doesn’t reach the eyeballs that traditional print, TV, and radio does, but it will make a significantly deeper impression on the people it does reach. With 20+ years of experience from distributing flyers, cups, t-shirts, water, and food products at events and locations from hundreds to thousands, we know this to be true. WE are consumers based on this practice numerous times over. With that in mind, we feel street marketing is a significant part of any marketing campaign and as such, have amassed a network  of  quality, knowledgeable, and responsible reps in over 50 markets nationwide. We have access to over 2,000 independent board shops, clothing stores, tattoo parlors, and various lifestyle stores nationwide, as well as, chain stores, bars, and concert venues. We staff each project per our clients needs, placing the right reps for the project at hand. It’s like using the right saw blade for the material being cut. Other creative ways that we get the word out on the street include experiential marketing, mobile tours, murals, and stunts! We look forward to finding the right blade for the material at hand!