The Pharmacy Keys



Chad Benekos

Cody Requejo


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As the musical journey begins, The Pharmacy Keys take us on an angst ridden love train into the heart of music.

Listening to The Pharmacy Keys you hear influences of Nirvana, Portishead, and the ghostly howl of Jeff Buckley. The Pharmacy Keys are at times upbeat and at times heavy, you can hear it in singer Chad Benekos’ voice and the quick changes of fellow band mate Cody Requejo’s chords that all is not well, but on the contrary, all is well.

From the bi-polar Southern California town of Huntington Beach with its bikini clad beauties, coke heads, homeless, punks, weed dealers, surfers, UFC fighters, and the sub-urban scene that make it the home of musicians in such notable bands as Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Alien Ant Farm, and Jamie Allensworth, among others, it’s a potpourri of attitudes, sounds, visuals, and lifestyles like nowhere else on the planet. It’s the home of the Pharmacy Keys and gives deep substance to their music, lyrics, and lives.

Music, life, love, and children all morphing into a charmed yet turbulent existence that we all live. Happy or sad, clear skies or tropical depressions, this is life thru music with its ups and downs.  We all know the feelings and trials that the duo sing of.  They make it clear that thru persistence and heart, anything is possible. Dreams come true, love finds us, and at the end of the tunnel there is light.  Keep moving. This theme is prevalent throughout the Pharmacy Keys music. As Benekos notes on “Nothing to Prove,”

“I heard from a bird that my time is coming since I’ve paid my dues, I’ve been around the block so many times that I had to go get new shoes…if you want the truth I’ve got nothing to loose…it won’t be long cuz I got it all…”