Safety Orange



Sol Turpin - Vox,Bass

Greg Karlo - Guitar,Vox

Los Perez - Drumz

SoCal Beach/Rock/Reggae Band! Rocking your favorite songs from Sublime, 311, Pepper, RHCP, Police, Weezer, Green Day, etc....Plus a few originals. Featuring members of Big B, OPM, The Troys, 40 oz to Freedom, and The Cured. Expect an energetic, exciting, show that's sure to leave you smiling from ear to ear.

We can also perform a 90min Sublime Tribute Show if Preferred.

The Band was started by surfers and named after a surfboard! Through the years the band has always stayed true to the original fun beach vibe. Beach Rock! A blend of rock, reggae, rap, punk, ska and anything else that you love to rock out to. The line up is Sol on vocals and bass; Greg on Guitar; Los on Drumz. New music is always on the way, but in the mean time please check out what we've recorded and spread the love.

Rock on!


Just Like Heaven