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We are looking for street marketing/ brand ambassadors for a prestigious winter sports event in Colorado at the end of January! If you are interested in getting into the music industry, action sports industry and/or marketing, promotions, and events, this would be a great opportunity to do so. This should be considered a no pay job, however, we will provide you with lift tickets/ concert tickets to the event. If you are killing the game we will write a recommendation when you are looking for a job, can utilize us a reference, and have our full support in your personal career endeavors. We are looking for people at the following schools/ markets. . .
-Colorado State University: Fort Collins
- Northern Colorado University: Greely
- UC Boulder
- UC Denver
- UC Colorado Springs

To apply for consideration to be part of our team, please fill out the form on below or email us your resume to and


Job Description:

Distribution of flyers, posters, and promo merchandise to lifestyle retail spots, and events, etc.. You must take photos of your work and be able to recap where you went, who you talked to, what action was taken that week, etc. . . 
You will have to be the representative of that project in your market. So must be responsible, polite, and knowledgeable on the project at hand.
This starts December 1st through December 20th and January 3rd through January 27th. It's very flexible and you don't need to work everyday.


Prefer experienced person.

• Outgoing and have great communication skills. If you are shy or lazy, this is not the job for you :)

• 18 years and over

• You must be RESPONSIBLE! 

• You must have a digital camera or a camera phone, a cell phone, and a computer.

• You must have a mailing address. We will be sending you promo materials.



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